According to Tyson Quick, CEO & Founder of Instapage

Driving traffic to a page — any page — is fairly simple. A couple of ads, and voilá! Traffic is flowing to your site. The question is: what are you trying to accomplish with that traffic?

Are you trying to get people to buy a product? Sign-up for your SaaS? Leave their email address in exchange for an ebook?

Today’s problem isn’t getting traffic to your page, it’s converting that traffic to achieve whatever it is you want the visitor to do on your site. Site visits are useless without conversion.

If you can’t convert users, you are just wasting your money.

Tyson Quick, CEO of Instapage and a digital marketing wiz, took his passion for creating amazing user experiences, and solved this conversion problem. His landing page platform helps marketing teams and agencies maximizes their return on ad spend, by providing them the tools and features that turn clicks into conversions.

At at recent Badass Markets and Founders Event, Tyson gave away a landing page’s perfect structure into four main points:

1.What are you selling?

The first thing your visitor needs to understand is what are you trying to sell him.

The Perfect Landing Page
Instapage’s first fold

Let’s use Instapage’s homepage as an example (Yes, it’s not a “landing page” but they sell a platform that makes them and it’s structured like a perfect one).

First thing you’ll notice on Instapage’s site is a big bold headline:

“Guaranteed to Increase Your Conversion Rate”

And that is exactly what they sell. In reality, Instapage isn’t selling plug-and-play landing page builders, they are selling conversion rates. It’s a great unique value proposition (UVP).

Let’s dissect their UVP and find out why it’s great.

Their UVP is concise and clear, and addresses the real needs of Instapage consumers.

That headline will determine if someone comes back or not to your page. On average, a site visitor will give your landing page 8 seconds to decide if they should stick around. Therefore, the UVP headline is by far the most important component of any page. You should be spending 80% of your time on writing and testing iterations of your value proposition until you find the ones that optimize conversions.

Right under the UVP is the sub-heading:

“The Most Powerful Landing Page Platform for Marketing Teams & Agencies”

After luring your attention with that hook, they give you the what is and who this product is going to help.

2. What are the benefits?

What’s the benefit your customer will get from your product or service? How is it going to make them better at whatever it is they are trying to do?

The better version of your customer’s self that Instapage is selling is a better marketer, and you’ll be able to justify your ad spend with a better conversion rate.

(For more on understanding your customer’s better version of his or herself, read my article here)

The Perfect Landing Page
Instapage’s second fold

Turning our attention back to the Instapage homepage, we see this scrolling counter. This will let you turn ad clicks into conversions and it will boost your conversion rate to an average 22%.

Instapage tells you they’ve been able to reach that number with over 100 million visitors so why can’t you?

3. How does the product provide the benefits?

What exactly does your product do to reach your promises? The key is to showcase your features in a benefit format, a bit like your UVP for each individual feature.

The Perfect Landing Page

The only inconsistency on Instapage’s homepage is the “we” approach. The center of attention on a landing page should be the customer or the user of your product, not the company, product, or even features. Instapage should turn this list into a customer needs and benefits section.

Beyond that, the call to action to keep looking at the rest of your features is a good reminder to entice the visitor to explore the rest of the site and convert.

4. What kind of person will benefit?

Last but not least, who is the person that will benefit from your offering?

The Perfect Landing Page
One of Instapage’s many clients, Hailey Friedman (President at BAMF).

If you are visiting Instapage, you are probably a founder, marketer, or you run/work in a digital agency. Those are the evident beneficiaries of this platform. They are the ones that will no longer need the development team for campaigns, the ones who are looking to get better results from their ad campaigns, and boost the company’s bottom line.

And hey marketer! You can try our product for free for 14-days, so you’ll be able to maximize your ad spend and lower your cost of customer acquisition. This is just long enough to start seeing benefits and become addicted to the product’s outcomes.

Why don’t you just Get Started?

This is a classic finish to the page, and that last call to action will really get you.


The perfect landing page starts with a clear and unique value proposition that will tell any visitor WHAT you do in 8 seconds. You should follow-up with WHY that person will benefit from your product, and how will it make them and their lives better. Then transition into HOW does the product get them to those benefits? Remember that your features should focus on the customer and benefits, and not your business or the product, or simply list features. Make your landing page customer centric. This means you need to understand WHO is going to get the most out of the product, and clearly state on your landing page who is your target audience.


I am in no way affiliated to Instapage, just a really a huge fan that got to attend a meetup. A big thanks to Tyson for sharing the four components of the perfect landing page and for creating this product, I’ve been using it for over a year and it’s amazing in its simplicity and effectiveness. In my opinion, the best businesses are those that are born from one’s own personal problems and you did just that. Great product and great marketing!

Get out there, make relevant ads to for your audience and have them land on the correct landing pages.

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