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How meditating every day for a year changed my life

The practice of meditation has connected me with source and has further aligned me with my truth. It has allowed me to integrate countless lessons and flow through my life and the interactions I have. It has affected how and what I eat, how I react, how I use “dead time”, how I approach life, how I smile, the activities I do, the books I read, how I consume information, the actions I take.

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Lessons from 27

The year I started piecing it together and became clear on the tracks I'm following.

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We create our experiences 

The way we experience anything comes down to the intentions we set prior to it. The intentions we set, positive or negative, will channel in what it is you are feeling and saying prior to it happening.

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Austin’s most pleasant surprise? The people.

Being surrounded by open and friendly people is a great feeling that brings me great joy and leads to a greater sense of community.

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Winning through consistency

A determining factor of success is consistency. Being consistent makes you reliable and it will have you on track to achieve whatever goals you've proposed for yourself.

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