Austin’s most pleasant surprise? The people.

January 6, 2021

My first trip to Austin in 2019 was very short. It was just a weekend trip. Flew in Friday was out Sunday. 

For the most part, I hang out with the same people in different places, so I didn’t really get a feel for what “Austinites” were really like. 

I got a good sense of what I could do here, the community I could relate with, etc. 

Roughly a week into living here, I’m very pleasantly surprised by how nice people actually are. There is definitely a friendlier and more open attitude versus other places I’ve lived in, San Francisco and New York. Which, clearly aren’t great parameters. 

People have been very welcoming and that brings me great joy that I hope I can return to others as they decide to move to Austin. 

Interactions in my building’s amenities, yoga studios, supermarkets, everywhere. 

I like the vibe, and it aligns with something I try to live by. Just be a nice person.