How meditating every day for a year changed my life

April 19, 2021

Consistently meditating was always a struggle. Ever since I was first introduced to it while going to yoga a few times a week during my time in college, I often failed to make it a consistent habit.

I’d slip, get demotivated by the fact I had slipped, and just continue living life.

But, I’d always find myself coming back to meditation, giving it another shot. So I knew that there was something here that was valuable and that I craved. So, when I say it “changed my life”, I don’t say it lightly. Meditating, every single day, for an entire year, all 365 days, truly changed my life.

There’s definitely a lot to unpack here and my ultimate goal is inspire you to take action and to improve your life adopting the practice of meditation because I think that this practice can have a substantial impact on the collective and can open up many doors.

365 days of meditation on Calm
I used Calm app during this past year for guide meditations, timers, and manual streaks.

Why meditate?

Last year at this time, I was living in New York City. I had been locked in my apartment for a few weeks now and there was still a lot of unknowns. My routines had been flipped upside down, I was alone, and isolated.

In the increased moments of silence I found myself worrying a lot. I found myself reaching for my phone to run from fears, and stresses. I found myself to be extremely unhappy even though things were as good as they could be. I had a job, I was safe in a comfortable apartment, food was delivered to my door, I was healthy, etc.

This is when I noticed that how we experience life and every little contribution we make to the lives of others starts in our minds. And my mind was not trained for me to make the most positive contribution no matter the circumstance I was in.

All of our minds are untrained. When know what that is like. An untrained mind is what makes us less than happy when everything is going our way. It’s what causes us to get consumed by stress, even when things are fine.

Isolation made me realize and dive deeper into the fact that, we spend most of our time thinking about all the things we want and the things we wish we hadn’t done or that we had done differently. We don’t spend time in the present moment.

When we aren’t present, we fail to connect. We fail to connect with ourselves, with others (yes, even those we love), and with our surrounding.

Training our minds and better understanding it opens up a whole new world for us. It connects us. And that, is why I meditate.

What is meditation?

This could be so many things to so many different people. I’ll keep it short and simple.

To me, meditation is just a way of being. A way of being we are always in but we aren’t always aware of.

It’s how we decide to engage with the world. Everything from how we deal with our thoughts and feelings to how we sit in traffic or act in chaotic situations.

What is the goal of mediation?

I really like what Sam Harris says about it:

The goal of mediation is not to become a great meditator. The goal ultimately is for there to be no difference between the clarity and freedom you experience in periods of formal meditation and the clarity and freedom you experience in your life, in your relationships, at work, when stuck in traffic, even when receiving a scary diagnosis from your doctor. There is no boundary between life and practice.

What are the benefits of meditation?

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.” - Buddha

  • Enhanced mindfulness: As we meditate more often and consistently, we become more mindful of our being and surroundings. This radically changes how we not only perceive information but what we do with it and how we act with it. Mindfulness goes on to trickle down many important areas of our like: habits, nutrition, community, reactions, environment, and much more.
  • Holding presence: How we actually interact with the world. Meditation allows us to remove a lot of elements, so that we can hold presence for ourselves and for others. It allows you to open up and intuitively know what is right at that moment. To act from the heart and not from emotions or thoughts.
  • Embrace the depths: The calming nature of a meditation practice, and the experience of getting comfortable with letting go and tapping into source allow you take this elsewhere. To go deeper into conversations with others, to your interactions, to the use of plant medicine. And you do this with more gratitude, perception, wisdom, soul, and most importantly, love.

Meditation has a lot more benefits that I have just listed, but these three have been the most profound and altering for me.

Closing thoughts

The practice of meditation has connected me with source and has further aligned me with my truth. It has allowed me to integrate countless lessons and flow through my life and the interactions I have. It has affected how and what I eat, how I react, how I use “dead time”, how I approach life, how I smile, the activities I do, the books I read, how I consume information, the actions I take.

It has led me to want to share more because I know that finding deeper meaning in the moments we hold, can have a profound effect on our trajectory.