Movement to strengthen my body, sharpen my mind, and stress-proofing my life.

January 2, 2021

Working from home certainly took a toll on me. Not only mentally but also physically. 

But it was more than just working from home. 

Not walking to the subway in the morning or going to a workout really shook my routine and also crushed the amount of movement I was getting day in and day out. 

The work from home setup also hasn’t been ideal. In New York, I tried a different form of sitting with a Sleekform. After almost 6 months in Chile sitting in on an old desk chair, I could really feel the difference and it was taking a toll on me. 

One of my longer-term goals is to be able to move to the best of my capability at that particular age. 

This was a big part of moving to Austin. It’s a very active and healthy city. Having gone on my first jog on the trails and then a yoga class I felt really happy and empowered to be making those strides. 

My work from home setup is now being shipped to me and I’m hoping to be in a much better spot than I was before, ensuring I’m taking care of my posture and looking to modify how I sit and decompress from a day of working.