Trusting systems to re-gain focus and productivity

January 4, 2021

Prior to the holiday break, I spent some time covering Tiago Forte’s “Get Stuff Done Like a Boss” course. 

My goal was to better organize myself and find a better system to prepare for my days and weeks so that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and would feel like I am making progress on my most important tasks and projects. 

As of lately, I’ve felt overwhelmed with the number of little things or tasks that I’d have to complete in a given day, both personal and professional. 

The Get Stuff Done (GSD) Like a Boss course was really helpful in mapping out how to set up a workflow. 

This system for productivity can also be broken down to specific projects and areas of life, which was surfaced in the book: “How to Take Smart Notes” 

“Only if you can trust your system, only if you know that everything will be taken care of, will your brain let go and let you focus on the task at hand." - David Allen 

Much like getting stuff done writing is something I am going to have to better organize and set up a system for so that I can consistently put my thoughts and ideas out there. 

Writing is not a linear process and I’ve found it hard to go from idea to words on a screen. Once you start writing you run into a lot of distractions especially if you are starting to research. 

So for this, I am going to start working with the same workflow as I would for GSD:

  • 1. Capture: Every single thing you have to do in one place.
  • 2. Clarify: The items you captured need to be specific written out with the next action required. 
  • 3. Organize: these tasks in a system you trust. 
  • 4. Reflect: on which tasks are appropriate for the current week.
  • 5. Engage with and complete those tasks only.

With an established workflow, you can take back control, have a buffer between the constant emergencies/distractitons and what you need to do.