Winning through consistency

February 14, 2021

Thinking about some of the products and services I frequently buy and like I noticed something. They are, for the most part, consistent. 

I’ve also started to notice that my productivity is primarily predicated on consistency. Going off the rails just a tiny bit will cause a trainwreck. 

What matters is getting back on track as quickly as possible and continuing with that momentum you had built up. 

So, how do you stay consistent? 

Create a consistent morning routine: 

Wake up, don’t hit snooze, meditate (I do it for 10 minutes), drink water, gratitude journaling, and off to a workout. 

Write things down: 

What is it you want? Write it down. Capture it. You are going to have to build a system around it. Capture all the tasks, clarify them, prioritize, and start tackling them. (Read about regaining productivity and focus through systems

As soon as something pops-up, write it down. You can focus on complete it later, just get through your list. 

Do it, no matter what: 

This is more of a short-term fight but it can creep up in the long-term. 

Of course, there are days where you won’t want to do it but you need to focus and get it done no matter what.

After completing it the satisfaction of having gotten through this will be greater than the pain you are feeling when attacking what’s at hand. 

For example, this post is being written at 10:20 pm… 

Do I want to do it? 


Will I be glad I did it?